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Fashionable Capes for Spring and Summer Wear

The current fashion of Capes and Mantles differ from their predecessors, principally in the length and fullness worn; attention being directed more to the trimming and braiding, of which there are several elegant specimens to be seen in the shops of well-known caterers to this branch of the trade. The styles we have chosen for […]

Ladies Taylor 1898

Ladies’ Vests July 1898

BY GRADUATED TAPE (PART MEASURE) SYSTEM Vests are now worn almost universally by ladies, so that we offer no apology for their introduction in these pages. The system is an easy one, and can be worked out by any number of average intelligence, the measures being few in number and easy of application. Three measures […]

Ladies Taylor 1898

Advertisements July 1898

The Tailor and Cutter Reliable Model Patterns of Ladies’ Garments The Lady Students’ Practical Instructor and Guide to Cutting Ladies’ Tailor-Made Garments Reliable Model and Special Patterns, Ladies, Gents, Juveniles, Clerical, Livery, Athletic, Cycling, Equestrienne & Miscellaneous Garments. Style and fit Guaranteed. Up-To-Date in Every Detail

Ladies Taylor 1898

Notes from the Cutting Room By SARTOR

“Experience is by industry achieved, And perfected by the swift course of time,” Has proven a truism to many a cutter since it was first uttered, and never was the force of it more true than at the present time, when we are in the midst of an age of changes. We have hardly settled […]

The Ladies Taylor Notes of the Month

Notes of the Month JULY 1898

The ladies’ tailoring trade has been unmistakeably brisk during the past month, there being every sign to indicate a record season. Many firms who have not hitherto undertaken orders of this sort, have started a department for Ladies’ trade, and we believe many of them have reaped a satisfactory harvest by their enterprise. The difference […]