The Ladies’ Tailor, Notes of the Month, October 1898

The full 12 page article for The Ladies’ Tailor October 1898 is currently available in pdf format as a free download. The first part is reproduced in this post, below.


The present issue being our Special Autumn and Winter Number, is accompanied with a large Coloured Sheet of Fashions, and on this will be found every style of garment the ladies’ tailor is called upon to make, and consequently will prove of great service to him. We need not enlarge on the excellence of the Plate, or even direct attention to the smartness of the styles, as these features will be apparent to all; but there is a danger lest our readers should overlook the exceedingly low price at which this is supplied. A few years ago a Plate of Ladies’ Fashions could only be obtained at about half-a-guinea; but now we are supplying it, beautifully coloured by hand, at the fabulously low price of eighteenpence, and even then it is accompanied by a copy of the Ladies’ Tailor, the usual price of which is ninepence, so that the value of this number is so phenomenal that it ought not to be overlooked.

The contents of this present number will prove of special interest to those who are desirous of acquiring a further knowledge in the art of cutting.

The Chats in the Cutting room, by a Royal Ladies’ Tailor, will prove both interesting and instructive; and as they are written by one whose daily experience in a leading West End trade, brings him in touch with what is being made, he is able to speak with authority.

The contributions by the members of our staff are illustrative of the cutting and making of seasonable garments; the “C.P.G.” System being used in the one case, and the part measure system in the other. So that our readers will have plenty of variety as far as style of garment and method of cutting is concerned.

The articles by Mr. Frank Gentle on the cutting and making of ladies’ garments, are continued in the present issue, the subject he deals with on this occasion being fancy braided jackets; these are always more or less popular, but just now there seems to be a bit of a run on them. The styles of braiding vary considerably; though the most popular are copies of some military design, occasionally a novel pattern is introduced. It is very difficult, however, to bring out a good style of braiding that has not more or less of the military about it, they having monopolised the best designs long ago.

Victorian ladies military jacket

Ladies’ Military Jacket

The article on making up of the Ulster is continued in the author’s best style, the hints he gives being practical in the extreme. The value of the articles of this sort to the young cutter who desires to master this special branch of the trade, can hardly be over estimated. We, therefore, advise a careful study of the same, so that the good there is in them may be utilised in the daily experience of the cutting room.

close fitting Ulster coat

Lady’s Fashionable D.B. Ulster

Many of our readers will be thinking of laying in a stock of Model Patterns for the coming season, and we know of no better investment than such an outfit as could be obtained, say for one guinea. We are now revising our patterns, and by the time this is in the hands of our readers, we shall be prepared to offer sets of Ulsters, Jackets, Bodices, Habits, Skirts, etc, cut in the most up-to-date styles. Our patterns are reliable and stylish, and seeing they only cost on an average less than a shilling each, they are in the highest sense economical. Those cutters who only have limited experience in this branch of the trade, will do well to avail themselves of the skill thus placed at his disposal at a very small outlay, resting assured they will find it yield a very valuable return.

Ulster and Cape Victorian fashion

The Scarboro’ Ulster and Cape


Illustrations of British Costumes AUTUMN AND WINTER 1989

Once more we are within measurable distance of the winter season; the fall of the leaves, and the chill of the early morn and late evening, has long since told us that the autumn has come, and as the seasons hurry by, we as tailors have to be prepared with designs to submit to our customers illustrative of what will be worn. The nineteen figures illustrating the latest styles of Jackets, Costumes Ulsters, and Capes, which form the large Plate issued herewith, will afford food for thought for the tailor whose business it is to design new styles, and also offer suggestions to the lady customer when ordering her garments for winter. The variety shown is most marked and whilst there are a few which can be looked upon as standard styles, there are a much larger number that are decided novelties.

Late Victorian ladies fashion

Autumn and Winter 1898 Victorian Ladies Fashion

The Ladies Tailor Oct 1898 p116-127

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