Notes of the Month SEPTEMBER 1898


With the present month, the season for summer tailoring will be drawing to a close, and cutters will be busy designing the new styles for the forthcoming season. Already the wholesale firms are showing their new designs, but they have to prepare far ahead of the private firms, who generally wait till the season. There will not be any very startling change take place for this winter. The Raglan Style of coat will doubtless be amongst the leading novelties, and jackets of the Sac type will be well received, though they will hardly replace the neat fitting Covert coat or Reefer which has now had a good run of popularity, but from what we hear and see in the better class trades, these will still be in large demand. They being both useful and stylish, and make portions of a Tailor-made Costume to be worn with a Blouse.

The articles on making up are continued in this month’s issue, and as the Winter Trade is coming on, the subject therein dealt with will be of special interest, as Ulsters are sure to be in demand this season. We shall continue this article in our next issue, as, owing to its length, we are unable to give more than a bare half in the present issue. The diagram however refers to the entire article, so that our readers will do well to carefully preserve this for reference.

The pattern we give this month is by Mr. A. Gentle, and will be found a very smart and stylish model of a very useful jacket.

The illustrations too are quite up to the usual standard, the variety being exceptionally good.

Ladies’ Skirts seem to be undergoing a change, the Apron Skirt has undoubtedly taken on, and in order to emphasize the looseness round the bottom, the apron is made to cling to the figure round the waist as closely as possible. The Fashionable Skirt is also made long, and thus presents a marked contrast to those shorter styles which are so freely used for cycling, &c.

The features thus introduced in skirts are already finding an echo in other garments, and will doubtless form the leading features of the new designs for the forthcoming season.

Our next number will be our special Bi-Annual Number with Coloured Plate. The Plate this season will be of special excellence, and will be finished in our usual good style. The literary part of the Journal will also be of extra value, and we shall see that the diagrams are of the most practical type. As on former occasions, the price of this will be 1/6, or free by post securely packed in roller price 2/-. All our readers should see to it that they procure a copy of this, and in order to do this they should order early.

It may be as well if we give our readers some little idea of the excellence of our Bi-Annual Plate of Ladies’ Styles. It will consist of 19 Figures, beautifully printed on plate paper, and coloured by hand. The styles represented embrace the newest Jackets, Ulsters, Capes, and Costumes, all of which have been drawn expressly for the Ladies’ Tailor by our own artists. the excellence of this Plate at such a low price is surprising, as it surpasses in detail and general effect those for which four times the price is charged.


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