Notes of the Month JULY 1898

The ladies’ tailoring trade has been unmistakeably brisk during the past month, there being every sign to indicate a record season. Many firms who have not hitherto undertaken orders of this sort, have started a department for Ladies’ trade, and we believe many of them have reaped a satisfactory harvest by their enterprise.

The difference between the two sections of the trade is very marked. In the gent’s trade changes are very few, and customers very conservative in their notions; but in the ladies’ trade it is quite the reverse; styles alter rapidly, and customers generally desire to be quite up-to-date in their garments, so that the cutter who wishes to succeed must not only read his Ladies’ Tailor, but have his Fashion Plates fresh and clean, or he will soon find his customers going where the newer styles are shown.

The Ladies Taylor Notes of the Month

Three styles of coats, says the Wheelwoman, are admissible for Cycling wear. The description of the first leads us to suppose she refers to a Covert Coat, the second to an Eton jacket, the third to a Norfolk jacket. The best colours are said to be grey and brown, and mixtures are preferred to self-colours. The cloth should be of pure woollen substance and perfectly unshrinkable.

In addition to these suggestions, the correspondent goes on to describe that the collars, lapels, and fronts should all be stiffened with tailors’ canvas as an interlining, which if done properly when the coat is first made, will retain its shape till it is worn out.

These are the sorts of hints that our customers have to read in the papers which cater for them, so that it is the idlest folly for the tailor who thinks he can cater for the ladies’ trade without reading his trade paper to keep him ahead of the times in matters of style and fashion.



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