Examination in Dress Cutting and Making

The Hugh Myddleton Board School, Clerkenwell-green, is well adapted for the various examinations and lectures held there, in connection with the curriculum of studies which the teachers and assistants of the London School Board are called upon to undergo. The classrooms and lecture halls are lofty and spacious, and accommodate from 50 to 100 candidates with ease and comfort, and it is indeed an ideal centre for occasions of this kind. An examination was recently held there in the Art and Science of Dress Cutting and Making, conducted by the staff of the Ladies’ Tailor. There was a large attendance and the quality of the work submitted was very good. The examination consisted of Drafting a Full Size Pattern to measure; answering questions dealing with the principles of cutting, practical fitting, and class teaching; and also submitting for inspection a Costume made by the candidates.


The practical portion of the examination was extremely successful, especially with the sewing and button-holes of the bodice. The pressing was not of such a high standard, several of the productions having a boiled and limp appearance, owing to the immoderate use of a damp rag when pressing off. Several bore evidences of over diligence in the shape of gloss, which defied removal; although the majority are to be congratulated on the neat and smooth appearance of the inside of the bodices. the general finish, such as the lines and curves of the bodice, were in many instances rather inartistic, suggesting that all attention was centred on the sewing part, to the neglect of the general finish of the garment. The drafts taken collectively were good, the principal error committed being in the measuring up of the waist. This was easily detected in the enormous quantities marked for the breast darts, which in many of the darts were 4 or 5 inches. The step collar and lapel proved a poser, though the majority tactfully left it alone. The questions were smartly answered, although in many instances too brief. The query on defects was well attempted, several of the candidates gaining the full marks for the answers given.

Appended are the names of those who have been awarded the Tailor and Cutter certificate, which qualifies them to teach in the Board Schools, and other places where technical instruction is given.



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